About Me

Howdy! I’ve been in the Community Management space for a little over four years. Over this time, I have become increasingly interested in the ways that Communities engage with their members, the power behind Community Data, and the innovation that is pushing this industry forward.

In my free time, I’m an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons (ask me any time about my favorite character, a Cat Warlock with a penchant for mischief), thematic parties, trying new foods, and bragging about my accomplishments in various Nintendo games.

Some of my Community Skills:

Data Dork: In my Community work, I curate metrics that tie together numbers and stories. I create Community narratives that are driven by membership actions, and explore user journeys by being a platform spelunker.

Community Chameleon: No two Communities are identical. I find the right way to blend in, learning your Community’s tone, interests, and motivations. Additionally, as a Community Manager I fit into spaces that may be unused. Have a backlog of moderation that needs doing? I’m your gal (or, in this case, reptile).

Ready Researcher: Exploring new ways to do accomplish Community goals is my bread and butter. If it’s staying up to date on current research, reading Community thought-leaders blogs and tweets, or exploring ideas directly, I excel in being a Community Mad-Scientist who gets results.

More about me: